Moles (nevi) can usually be removed quite easily by one of our dermatologists.   There are two ways to remove moles. The most common method for removing raised moles is called a shave removal.  After the skin has been numbed, the mole is removed, leaving the base flat. Typically this method leaves an inconspicuous scar, depending on the size of the original mole.  You should allow approximately two weeks for healing.

The second method is called an excision. This method is commonly used for flat moles or moles with hair in them. A few stitches are used to close the wound to ensure the resulting scar will be as minimal as possible. Although it is not possible to remove a mole with no resulting scar, the benefit of mole removal is that the scar will be minimal, inconspicuous and have a nicer appearance than the mole.  Keep in mind that surgical scars can take a full year before reaching their final appearance. Most improvement occurs within the first 3-6 months.

Remember that most insurance companies view cosmetic mole removal as something that is not medically necessary and not covered by insurance. Our dermatologists have a reasonable fee schedule for cosmetic mole removals.

Our providers will carefully outline the options for mole removal with each patient.  Please let our receptionist know if you are interested in a consultation for cosmetic mole removal and we will be happy to help you schedule an appointment.