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Deanna H., CMA (AAMA), CCRC – Project Manager

I am the Practice manager for NW Dermatology Institute and have worked for the practice for 33 years. During this time, I have met many wonderful patients and had the opportunity to observe so many advances in the field of dermatologyOur practice has grown over the years and I could not be happier with my position at NW Dermatology Institute. I have had the privilege of working in just about every aspect of the practice. In addition to administrative responsibilities, you may occasionally see me in our clinic working as a medical assistant or medical scribe. I enjoy dermatology and I have tremendous respect for the providers I work for and the employees I work with on a daily basis.  We have an amazing team of individuals that are here to make our patients feel better and to provide a patient experience that is second to none! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, motorcycle riding, my dog and 30+ chickens.

Tami Panther

Tami P. – Administrative Manager

I have been with NW Dermatology Institute since May 2010, recently taking a short break and so grateful to be back. Since starting with NW Dermatology I have worked in multiple areas of the practice. I find great joy in talking with patients and helping others. Please feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way! Whether it is a skin care consultation, treatment plan for facial aging or just help with your account. I love planning events for our patients  and  am always interested in hearing feedback from our patients as to what they would enjoy learning about or anything that we can do to make their experience better. Our patients are our top priority and I cannot express the joy it is to work with such an incredible staff and providers that truly care!

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends.

Roxanne Pastel (1)

Roxanne P. – Clinical Manager

I joined NW Dermatology in 2018 and have had the pleasure of working in many different roles within the clinic, ultimately leading me to become Clinical Manager. As the Clinical Manager, I oversee our clinical staff and work closely with our providers to ensure our processes are efficient, harmonious, and that we are providing the best patient care experience possible. Similar to many other medical clinics, we are in a constant state of growth and it is my personal passion to help facilitate clinic growth while maintaining positive employee morale, allowing our entire team to celebrate the wins we collectively work so hard to achieve. The culture at NW Dermatology is incredibly unique: we take pride in learning one another’s strengths and empowering each other to champion our roles. The joy, fulfillment, and pride of working at NW Dermatology is real and I am here for it

Outside of NW Dermatology I love Portland’s food/outdoor/live music culture with my partner and keeping up with our adorable cats, Patrick and Penelope.


Joana F. – Practice Administrator

I was born and raised in Portugal, where I gained my clinical research experience working in areas as diverse as oncology, endocrinology, and infectious diseases.

Life sent me across the skies traveling all around the world and I found my love in this beautiful rainy city that I now call home.

I am very proud to be part of this highly qualified team that continues to be at the forefront of research, always considering patients’ care and well-being first. To listen, to learn, and to grow with patients’ experiences is what makes me feel accomplished in this job!

In my free time, I love spending time with my husband, our dog (and sometimes cat!) exploring the magic places that this state has to offer.

Outside of NW Dermatology I love Portland’s food/outdoor/live music culture with my partner and keeping up with our adorable cats, Patrick and Penelope.

Lauren Fuller

Lauren F. – Medical Scribe

I am one of the newest members of the NW Dermatology Institute and work as a medical scribe! I am very excited to be a part of this encouraging, fun, and hardworking team. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and hope to attend PA school in the future. I grew up in Portland and love how scenic it is here. In my free time you can find me at a concert, hiking, snowboarding, or trying out a new coffee shop!

HaMi Bach - Scheduler

Ha Mi B. – Scheduler

I started at NW Dermatology Institute in November of 2022 and am so grateful to have joined such a lovely team. Previously, I worked in the veterinary field as a receptionist/doctor assistant. Changing fields can often feel a little intimidating, but I am lucky everyone here at NW Dermatology has been so kind and supportive throughout my transition. When I am not at work, you can either find me out at a concert, at the gym, at your local Italian restaurant scarfing down a bowl of pasta, or watching Love Island at home with my orange kitty, Carrot. I also have an 11-year-old pug named Bogey who is my best friend and soulmate.

Kendal Maack

Kendal M. – Front Office Lead

I joined NW Dermatology Institute in October of 2022 after working in the veterinary field for 4 years. The transition into human medicine has been made easy from the wonderful team and family that is NW Dermatology. I have always been passionate about skin care after receiving my Cosmetology license in 2017. I am excited to continue to expand my knowledge while ensuring patients get the best customer service experience possible. Outside of work, I am always with my animals and partner of 10 years! We are originally from California and are happy exploring what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Annabelle Pena - Patient Care Coordinator

Annabelle P. – Patient Care Coordinator

I became part of the NW Dermatology team in September 2022. Since I started working here, it has felt like fate. I have become more confident in my skin and work has become my second home! I enjoy hiking trails with my partner and our rescue dog, Estrella, the Doberman. You can also find me at a thrift store or a new food cart. I strive to make every patient feel seen and welcome!

Elizabeth Tratz

Elizabeth T. – Lead Medical Assistant

I joined the Northwest Dermatology team in 2021. I have been a medical assistant for 10 years and have worked in a variety of specialties. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but now reside in Vancouver with my husband and our two amazing children. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and enjoy delicious meals!

Olivia Wolfe

Olivia W. – Mohs Surgical Assistant

I joined NW Dermatology Institute in November of 2022, but started working as a medical assistant in Dermatology in 2021. Although I am a Portland native, I briefly left to receive a BA In Biology from San Diego State University. My dream is to attend a Physician Assistant program and eventually work in dermatology or women’s health. I decided to move back to Portland in order to gain more clinical experience and focus on applying to programs. My focus at NW Dermatology is Mohs surgery where I work closely with and assist Dr. Tamar Hajar. I am so grateful for the experience that NW Dermatology Institute has given me and I plan to apply what I have learned to my future career as a PA.
In my spare time I enjoy going on walks, trying out new restaurants, listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, and cuddling with my two cats.

Riley Nesen - Medical Scribe

Reilly N. – Medical Scribe

I am a recent addition to NW Dermatology Institute as of July 2023 and I could not be happier to be a part of this team! I am a recent college graduate from Saint Mary’s College of California and anticipate returning to school to obtain a graduate degree in clinical psychology. In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with my friends and family, and playing tennis.

Vanessa Lamas

Vanessa L. – Lead Medical Scribe

I love being part of the NW Dermatology family! I first joined in February 2022 after moving across the country from Tampa, FL. I grew up in Orlando and graduated from UCF with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences. I came to the NW looking for opportunities in healthcare, specifically dermatology! I truly enjoy working with this team of amazing people. Outside of work, I am usually hanging out with my husband and our numerous animals. I enjoy making artwork with resin, listening to podcasts, and hiking beautiful trails.

Zoe Sanderson

Zoe S. – Medical Scribe

I joined NW Dermatology as a medical scribe in July 2023 and am happy to be part of this devoted team! In such little time, I have gained an abundance of new knowledge and feel such a sense of belonging. I am an Oregonian at heart, having grown up in Eugene, and moved to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark College in 2020. In addition to school and scribing, I am in the Sleep, Chronobiology, and Health Lab at OHSU, nanny, and volunteer interpret at the Clackamas Free Clinic. My favorite thing to do is learn about how our bodies work and how to promote health on an individual and community level. My dream is to become a physician and expand on my skills to make a positive impact. Outside of my health-related interests, I enjoy traveling, taking film photos, and hanging out with my cat, Martini!

Paige Williams - Surgery Coordinator

Paige W.

I joined the amazing team of NW Dermatology in 2022 as Patient Care Coordinator, and have worked my way into now being Surgery Scheduling and Insurance Benefits Coordinator. It has been so exciting to grow with the surgical team together, and form such a strong and hard-working group. I love working with our patients and providing them with the best care our clinic can offer. Outside of the office, you can usually find me trying new restaurants with friends, playing on the APA Pool league or at home watching all the movies with my two cuddly cats.

Outside of NW Dermatology I love Portland’s food/outdoor/live music culture with my partner and keeping up with our adorable cats, Patrick and Penelope.


Lara B. – Medical Assistant

I am excited to join NW Dermatology Institute with the merger of Dr. Tavelli. I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years, with the past 27 years in the field of dermatology. During this time I have been exposed to most aspects of the field, and have seen great advancements in dermatology that have benefitted our patients. I enjoy working with our patients and helping them with a variety of issues to get the best care possible.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with husband, twin boys, and friends. I enjoy kayaking, spending time at the coast, traveling and participating in cycle classes.

Aylin Rivera

Aylin R. – Histotechnician/Surgical Technician

I recently started working at NW Dermatology Institute in August 2023 as a Mohs Histotechnician/Surgical Assistant and I am so excited to work with this amazing team! I recently moved here from Colorado Springs, Colorado where I graduated from UCCS with a bachelor’s of science in biology in 2019. I worked in Colorado Springs with Dr. Tamar Hajar as her histotechnician for 4 years and then followed Dr. Hajar to this practice. I really enjoy hiking, going to concerts and in my spare time I love to read, do yoga, and find cool new places to eat!

Elena Hormann

Elena H. – Medical Assistant

I started working at NW Dermatology in July of 2023. I had previous experience as a CNA and medical assistant working in Hospice, long term care, rehab, and pain management. I am an Oregonian born and raised. I love to crochet, lift weights, paddle board, and build LEGO with my husband. I have been interested in dermatology for several years and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization.

Anna Lai

Anna L. – Medical Assistant

I joined this practice in July 2023 after moving from Kansas City, Missouri. As a Midwest native, I attended The University of Kansas and graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry. I have worked as a medical scribe in primary care since 2021 and as a medical assistant in dermatology since 2022. I am so excited to live in the Pacific Northwest and to be part of such a great clinic. I love what I do and hope to pursue a career as a physician assistant in the near future. In the meantime, I strive to make patients feel comfortable and cared for when they step into our doors!

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring Portland, going to the gym, cooking at home, spending time with loved ones, and petting outdoor cats.

Kathleen Pham

Kathleen P. – Medical Scribe/Surgical Assistant

I joined NW Dermatology after completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon in Neuroscience in 2022. I started as a medical scribe and then transitioned to also assist with Mohs and excisional surgeries. I have always been interested in dermatology so it’s great to be learning and getting hands-on experience! It is a pleasure to meet and get to know patients throughout the whole care process and NW Dermatology has allowed me to do that. I am a Portland native and enjoy traveling, food, art, and yoga.

Margot Denman

Margot D.

I am originally from Portland, OR and graduated with an art degree from University of Oregon. After college, I spent 4 years living in New Orleans, LA working in restaurant hospitality, and then attended a post baccalaureate pre-medical program in Harlem, NY where I worked as a surgical assistant for an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon. I find Dermatology fascinating because it can be so tactile and visual. I enjoy finding meaningful ways to communicate with and care for patients on a daily basis and I aspire to be a Physician Assistant one day. In my free time I enjoy art, traveling, cooking for friends, gardening and reading.


Angie H. – Lead Patient Care Coordinator

I have had the pleasure of working at NW Dermatology Institute since August of 2014. I have worn many hats since I first started working at this clinic, including File Manager, Scheduler, and now Lead Patient Care Coordinator.  I love my position and sincerely enjoy helping patients on a daily basis.

My hobbies include spending time with my family and being outdoors as much as possible!


Helen W. – Patient Care Coordinator

I am one of the newest members of the NW Dermatology team, joining in July of 2021. My work has been exclusively in the field of dermatology for the past 37 years primarily as a Registered Medical Assistant and Certified Advanced Aesthetician. I find that my experience working in other capacities of a dermatology practice has given me the opportunity to provide patients with a higher level of customer service when scheduling or helping triage incoming calls. I am proud to be working with individuals who also provide such high levels of customer care and service.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful grand-daughter, Kennedy and cooking for family and friends.


Kiana S. – Scheduler

I am thrilled to be a part of the team at NW Dermatology Institute! Although I am one of the newest additions, I already feel at home. The providers and staff here are so welcoming and friendly. I have a background in the administrative side of dermatology with 2 years of experience. I am passionate and empathetic about my work and I strive to ensure my services exceed the expectations of our patients.

I was born in Hawaii and moved to Oregon in 2000. I spend a lot of my free time with my two children and extended family.


Maya D. – Medical Scribe & Research Coordinator

I have been working as a medical scribe for the past four years working everywhere from the emergency department to family medicine and five other specialties. However, nowhere has quite been as memorable as NW Dermatology. Everyone here is authentic, hard-working, and a ton of fun! We truly enjoy providing excellent patient care and making a difference in people's lives. The opportunities given to me here are beyond incredible, and I am so thankful to be a part of the team.

My favorite past times include acting like a foodie, going on adventures, and being a goofball.


Nicolle T. – Medical Scribe

I began working for NW Dermatology Institute in July of 2021, and am so happy to be a part of such a great team. I was previously a medical scribe in Eugene for the Riverbend and University District ER since fall of 2019. I'm originally from Torrance, CA, but had moved to Eugene in 2015, and most recently moved to Portland in the summer of 2021. I anticipate returning to school for Public Health, and hopefully move onto attending a Physician Assistant program.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, working out, listening to music, and spending time with my roommate and her pug, Pippa.


Crystal B. – Medical Assistant

I joined NW Dermatology Institute as a Medical Assistant in August 2020 after graduating from Concorde Career College in Portland. I am so excited to be a part of such an incredible team that strives to provide the best possible care for all of our patients! I am newly passionate about dermatology and I am so fortunate to be learning from the best here at NW Dermatology Institute! I enjoy road trips to the Oregon Coast, spending time with loved ones, fitness, and art.


Cami P. - Medical Scribe

Cami P. - Medical Scribe

I joined NW Dermatology Institute as a medical scribe in 2022 after graduating from Gonzaga University in 2021. I studied biology and chemistry to prepare for a career in healthcare, and my time at NW Dermatology has only fortified my desire to become a physician. I am now part of the clinical research team and am excited to be involved in the advancement of medicine. In my free time I enjoy running, taking yoga classes, painting and spending time with friends and family.