“Becoming a patient at NW Dermatology Institute has been a life altering experience.  Dealing with severe eczema had put a toll on my life – depleting all confidence I ever had.  I felt disgusting and ashamed to be in my own skin, while becoming a shut-in during any time I had a break out.  I was a prisoner in my own body. 

Well, because of Eileen McNulty, PA-C and the team at NW Dermatology, I’ve been introduced to new products that changed my life completely.   My confidence is fully restored with a new and improved skin regimen.  After jumping from one dermatologist to another, this place attended to my needs immediately, going above and beyond to find a solution.  Aside from their excellent work, everyone in this office makes each visit pleasant.  With positive and friendly attitudes, you go from feeling like a patient to feeling like you’re part of the team.  Thank you ladies for all that you do!  Keep up the great work!”

– Riley V.

“The new building is beautiful! The reception area is very pleasant and the exam rooms are excellently equipped with plenty of natural light. Plus the parking under the building is so much easier. I am very impressed with Dr. Desai’s expertise in hair loss issues. Within 3 months she and I both saw improvements which had not occurred over the last 18 months following other medications and regimens. Success and progress with my hair loss issues is a major improvement.”

– Anonymous

“I had a bizarre accident with my cat and ended up with a very deep cut on my upper lip. After going to urgent care and being told that I’d be better off seeing a dermatologist, I called NW Dermatology. Dr. Desai fit me in that morning and stitched my wound beautifully! She and her medical assistant were kind and professional. The woman working the front desk was also super sweet! Now that it has healed, you can barely see my scar. Dr. Desai did such an incredible job, especially since the PA at urgent care told me I’d most definitely be left with a jagged scar and a “poor cosmetic result” unless I saw someone with a lot of experience. I highly recommend this office and I’m so glad I found them!”

– H.M.

I’ve been going to NW Dermatology for 2.5 years for services and keep going back because of both the satisfaction with services provided and the friendliness of the staff. I always feel like a valued patient/customer by everyone from the staff to the providers. I’ve seen Keri for most of my services and always enjoy speaking with her and she makes me feel comfortable and is knowledgeable answering the questions I have.”

– Anonymous

"My experience with NW Dermatology has been amazing! Dr. Roberts and Dr. Desai are knowledgeable and personable. They take the time to listen and then explain treatment options. I am very pleased with the results! The entire staff is welcoming and friendly. I have recommended this clinic to family and friends."

– Sandra

"I was recommended to Dr. Roberts over 2 years ago. She and her staff are professional, friendly, very helpful and made me feel comfortable during a very rough time. I have been fighting alopecia but my hair has almost completely grown back…wig free for a year and a half!!! I cant thank Dr. Roberts and her staff enough."

– Michele

"Dr. Nisha Desai is amazing along with the rest of the staff here. Definitely one of the best medical experiences I have ever had. She was efficient, professional and very sweet and funny. I felt very at ease throughout each of my visits. Definitely recommend this place for your dermatological needs!"

– Madison

"Very helpful and professional group of Doctors. I was able to schedule an appointment within a week, which seldom happens with other Doctors offices. After seeing Eileen my doctor I was impressed with her knowledge and personal approach to my issue. Happy to say its only been a little over a week and my issue is clearing up. Thank you!"

– Steve