Telemedicine Appointments Available

NW Derm - COVID-19 Update

NW Dermatology Institute is now offering telemedicine visits! We are able to conduct many consultations using a video call such as Zoom or FaceTime. 

We are taking the concern around COVID-19 very seriously!  However, we know that our patients need our care. 

Nisha Desai, MD, Kerianne McKeon, PA-C and Eileen McNulty, PA-C are available for telemedicine appointments. You may schedule online or call our office at (503) 223-1933 to schedule an appointment. Please know that you may need to leave a message due to limited staff but we will call you back as quickly as possible! 

In the meantime, it’s our team’s sincerest hope that you, your family, and loved ones keep safe, follow any CDC guidelines, and use this time to spend time in meaningful ways. We value our patients and thank you for your understanding and patience during these extraordinary and unprecedented times.

💛 The Team at NW Dermatology Institute


Does my insurance cover telemedicine?
Insurance companies, Medicare and MedAdvantage plans are now covering telemedicine. The cost is very similar to in-office visits.

Will this visit count towards my deductible?

How do I pay my copay or self-pay fees?
Our scheduling staff will collect your copay and any self-pay fees prior to your visit.

Will I receive the same level of care with telemedicine as I would in the office?
Yes. Our providers take great care in providing high-quality medical care for all of our patients regardless of if the patient is seen via telemedicine or in the clinic. We will provide our patients with detailed instructions for taking photographs when appropriate. If your provider is unable to assess or diagnose your condition via telemedicine, you will be offered an appointment to be seen in the clinic.

What if I need a biopsy or other procedure?
We still have providers working in our office. If you and your provider decide you need a procedure, we will schedule you for this in the physical office.

If I come into the physical office for a procedure, after my telemedicine visit, will I get billed twice?
No, the provider will bill for your telemedicine visit like they would an in-person visit. If you need a biopsy or procedure the provider will not bill for another visit, they will only bill for the additional procedure. The provider may ask you to follow up in a few weeks or months either via telemedicine or in-person and that follow up visit will be billed separately.

How will I get my prescription?
It will be sent to your pharmacy electronically.

Why do I need to log into the Patient Portal?
We need to make sure your medications, medical history, etc are on file before we start your visit for new patients or patients that have not been seen in the past 3 years.