Skin Manifestations of Covid-19

Information about COVID-19 is rapidly evolving every day.  Multiple cases have been reported regarding skin manifestations of COVID-19.  It has been observed that skin manifestations do not typically correlate with disease severity.  

One of the most commonly reported skin manifestations of COVID-19 is Pernio or Chilblains (AKA “COVID toes”). Pernio typically appears as reddish, bluish, purple discoloration of the toes that can present with blisters, ulcerations, swelling, and scabs.  It can also occur on feet and hands. Some symptoms include tenderness, burning, stinging, pain, and itching. Based on case reports from Europe in addition to the US, it is hypothesized that patients that present with this finding of COVID-19 are typically asymptomatic carriers of the virus.  However, it has been reported in very sick COVID-19 positive elderly patients that are in the ICU.  This is thought to be related to microvascular injury due to inflammation and thrombosis (clotting) in severe COVID-19 infection.

If you have any of the above rashes or skin lesions, please schedule an appointment to discuss recommendations and treatment plans. Please know that these rashes and lesions are not contagious, but continued physical distancing is recommended as you may be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19.